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    SQLiteForExcel Help

    Hi All,

    I have been searching the internet for about a week now.

    I am trying to use SQLiteForExcel (available from github) to connect my Excel file to a SQLite database.

    The reason for using this is that:
    Final excel file will be used across multiple locations all connected to the same server (network drive)
    Dont want to purchase another server just for this application (therefore ruling out all other SQL DBMS)
    Cannot install SQL drivers on all of the computers (due to admin privileges etc)
    SQLite databases are all contained in a single file

    However, I am having trouble running the queries and keep getting an error back... Demo/Test macro on SQLiteFor Excel runs perfectly.

    I have copied the appropriate code from the "demo" SQLite macro, but it always throws up an error (when trying to run my statement).

    Database opens correctly, but it has an issue when trying to run the statement. I have checked the statement directly on the SQLite DBMS and it runs correctly (statement tested is "SELECT * FROM Customers").

    I have attached my test files (and test database). Please can someone help me with this?

    Ultimately, I would like to use excel as a user interface for the SQLite database for a specific application. Users will not need to enter SQL statement.

    I hope that all makes sense. If not, please let em know and I will try to explain a bit more...

    Thank you for any help you can give


    P.S. The .dll files are in the same folder as the excel file and database file
    P.P.S Sorry but I cannot attach the database file. It can be downloaded from (sorry would not let me enter URL).Test SQL.xlsm
    Test SQL.xlsm

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    Hi All,

    I have found the attached file as a bit of help.

    Still working through this so not going to mark it as solved just yet...xlsqlite[1].zip

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