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Thread: Remove a custom group/button from the ribbon

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    Remove a custom group/button from the ribbon

    I have a macro in MS Project 2010 that I would like to run from a button in the ribbon. So far, so easy: just add a custom group and a custom button in the ribbon customiser. However, I want to add some code that will a) add a similar button when other users open the file; and b) remove that customisation first (if it already exists) before then adding the button back. This question is about the second part - clearing customisation (or at least this specific button - the button is called "Export Reporting Data" and is in the custom group "Reporting").

    From Microsoft I got the following, which purports to clear all customised elements:

    Sub RemoveCustomUI()     
    Dim customUiXml As String      
    customUiXml = "<mso:customUIxmlns:mso="""">" _        
      & "<mso:ribbon></mso:ribbon></mso:customUI>"      
    ActiveProject.SetCustomUI (customUiXml) 
    End Sub
    However, this doesn't work for me in Project 2010. Can anyone help please? Thank you...

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