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    After a few years of frustrations with excel spreadsheets at work, I've decided to learn VBA to make my life easier. I'm not new to programming but completely new to VBA.

    At work we use the Excel 2018 (part of the Office 365 for Education subscription), at home I mostly use MacOS (also using Excel 2018 as part of the same subscription).

    Now, I've noticed that a separate section of this forum is devoted to VBA for Mac. Are there any significant differences between VBA for Mac and Windows that I need to be aware of?

    Can I still learn on my Mac to implement things on Windows?

    Thank you

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    Many of the file handling operations for the Mac (Mac Office 2016) are different. This is a good reference to the workarounds.
    I've been generally frustrated by the VBA implementation for Mac Office 2016, and prefer Mac office 2011.

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