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Thread: Outlook Macro to move all Junk Mail to Inbox

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    Outlook Macro to move all Junk Mail to Inbox


    I'm a user of an email address an I'm using the software Outlook to access my emails.

    The problem I have is the following: the junk filter of is way to strict for me - it often moves important emails into the junk folder, where they get deleted automatically after 10 days. I use my email address on only for "important stuff", meaning that I don't get any junk there. Consequently, 99% of the "junk-mails" that is filtering for me, are emails which are important for me. And unfortunately, it's not possible to disable the junk filter on

    I tried already around with simple filter rules, both on the website and in the outlook software itself. But it seems that the guys at Microsoft are clever enough to know this trick. The "junk-mails" are always moved directly to the junk folder, no matter what kind of filters I set (I guess the filters are only applied to emails, which arrive in the inbox and not to those, that arrive in the junk folder).

    So my question:
    Is it possible to set up a simple Outlook macro, that just moves all mails from the junk folder, as soon as they arrive there, to the inbox? And how would such a macro have to look like? I unfortunatelly don't have any experience with VBA.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Why not turn off the junk mail filter?

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    I turned off the junk filter already in Outlook. But is still filtering junk - and in the free version of it's not possible to disable the junk filter (probably to save Microsoft space on their servers). I think the server moves "junk-mails" straight to the junk folder - so that they never arrive in the inbox. This would explain why the filter rules aren't working.

    It's also a well known issue for users: Link (however, the solution desribed there with the filter isn't working anymore)

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