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Thread: Template error on enduser

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    Template error on enduser

    I've created an entire transcript template (dotm). It worked on the enduser. Then I modified the dotm and added more of the same stuff that already was in there, but I added a datepicker. And now it won't run properly for her. She can't even open it (the userforms launch on new). These are her comments:

    "popup box says that won't allow me to utilize the fill-in boxes."

    Word installed some updates during this"

    She is running Word 2016, but it sounds like a student edition. I created the template in 365. Another enduser has no problems at all. My template works flawlessly.

    I removed the date picker and the save as command launcher because I read somewhere that glitches can happen with those. Any other ideas?

    Also, is there anyone I can pay someone to review my template and make sure it has no errors in it and works properly from a coding perspective? It works from everything I try to do with it, but I did a lot of copy and pasting of code to make life happen. I'm sure that's not ideal, but it got the job done.

    Thanks for any help offered!

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    You might try a custom datepicker as the calendarcontrol no longer is included with Office.

    I am available for paid consulting work. See the feedback link on my website.

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