I've been searching for this online for longer than I think it might actually take to solve! I hope someone here can help.

I'm creating a data collection form in Word 2019 that will have two checkbox sections. I would like to program the form so when I select check boxes from a list of options, the names I assign to the check boxes auto-populate a text field.

For further information: I'm using content controls for the check boxes and the text field. One set of check boxes will be a group of approximately 20 boxes that will be for different organizational units. I want users to be able to select however many of these organizational units they need to, and when they click the check boxes, I want the names of those org units to appear in the text field. I want the same thing to happen with the second group of check boxes, which will be approximately 80 boxes that will represent different topics the form users can select. The topic names should appear in a second text field (not the same as the org units' text field) when a user clicks the check boxes.

Is this possible? Do you need additional information?

Thank you!