Hey folks,

Just hoping one of you legends can help me out with a problem I'm having. I'm trying to open a PPSM from another PPSM which is already running. When the new file opens the plan old file closes. The problem is that the new file always opens in edit mode. I need it to open in slide show mode with the usual security alert - macros popup.

The code I'm running is:

Application.Presentations.Open strFolder + gcstrQuizBaseName + gstrNewQuizName + ".ppsm"

' On Error Resume Next
' Set pptNewPres = appPpt.Presentations.Open(strFolder + gstrNewQuizName + gcstrQuizBaseName)
' pptNewPres.SlideShowSettings.Run

'Close the original file - terminates here

I would love to hear any ideas from you.

Thanks, Pete.