I'm pretty new to VBA & I'd like to pass user information from the form to the module - this is what I have so far:

Very early stages - i understand the processing should be done in the module, not the userform.
I can't pass the value from the userform to the module:

The final screen shot shows the message box returning the value aa from the userform when the command button is clicked. However click exit the module message box only shows " _" ww & aa are both missing?
(aa is in the userform, ww is just a copy of aa)


The overall aim is to print a list of drawings overnight.
The user enters a list of drawing numbers, the application then opens them, prints as pdf's, closes & opens the next.

This 'early stage' is to pass the input to the form, save the number & build up a list.

I'm also trying to find help here too: