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Thread: Just VBA - pass info from user form to module?

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    Apr 2019

    Just VBA - pass info from user form to module?


    I'm pretty new to VBA & I'd like to pass user information from the form to the module - this is what I have so far:

    Very early stages - i understand the processing should be done in the module, not the userform.
    I can't pass the value from the userform to the module:

    The final screen shot shows the message box returning the value aa from the userform when the command button is clicked. However click exit the module message box only shows " _" ww & aa are both missing?
    (aa is in the userform, ww is just a copy of aa)


    The overall aim is to print a list of drawings overnight.
    The user enters a list of drawing numbers, the application then opens them, prints as pdf's, closes & opens the next.

    This 'early stage' is to pass the input to the form, save the number & build up a list.

    I'm also trying to find help here too:



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    Mar 2005
    Top of module code...
     Public aa as String
    Public ww as String
    HTH. Dave

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    Apr 2019
    Hello Dave

    Thanks for taking a look.
    After some further study i've discovered passing values between the user form & the module isn't straight forward so concentrating on the userform for now.Another discovery is having a variable = variable & looping number is difficult too (impossible?)The idea is for the user to populate the textboxes with drawing numbers - then iterate through idw1, (defer updates on), print to pdf, closenextopen idw2, (defer updates on), print to pdf, closeWhat alternatives are there?

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    Mar 2005
    If U put variables as Public at the top of a module (as previously posted) then they are available to the whole project. If just U Dim a variable at the top of a module then it available to all the subs/code in the module. Same for Dim a variable at the top of userform code. I U dim a variable in a sub (or command button code) then it is only available to that sub. "Fullpath" is an XL term that cannot be used as a variable name (at least not without errors). U also have Option Explicit at the top of your code (good) and therefore need to declare (Dim) all of your variables somewhere. What U want to achieve is doable and really should not be that difficult. Dave

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    I got this from someone here in the forums, but I forgot who gave it to me

    Put a Public Function in the UserForm code and have it return data to the calling macro

    Public Function Value_Ret( _
        Optional strTitle As String = "My Custom Input", _
            Optional strPrompt As String = "Enter Something", _
                Optional vntDefault As Variant = vbNullString _
                ) As Variant
        With Me
            .Caption = strTitle
            .lblPrompt.Caption = strPrompt
            With .txtInput
                .Value = vntDefault
                .SelStart = 0
                .SelLength = Len(vntDefault)
            End With
            If Len(.txtInput.Value) > 0 And Not .txtInput.Value = vntDefault Then
                Value_Ret = .txtInput.Value
                Value_Ret = False
            End If
        End With
        Unload frmInput
    End Function

    and call it like this, probably in a standard module

    Option Explicit
    Sub example02()
        MsgBox frmInput.Value_Ret(, , "old text")
    End Sub
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