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Thread: VBA to copy CHECKED picture objects into EXISTING Powerpoint?

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    VBA to copy CHECKED picture objects into EXISTING Powerpoint?

    I'll try to explain this as logically/clearly as I can:
    • Multiple picture objects on a worksheet, multiple worksheets in a workbook
    • Each picture object has a checkbox that will either be CHECKED or NOT CHECKED
    • For every CHECKED picture object, the macro should copy the picture and paste it into an EXISTING Powerpoint presentation (2 pictures per slide, ideally)
    • The number of picture objects to be copy/pasted each time is variable

    • I'm a data analyst. I export data from Business Objects into Excel.
    • The pictures that I'm referring to are actually charts in BO - but upon export, they convert to pictures.
    • It is my job to get the BO data into Excel, format it "cleanly", and get it out to our sales folks.
    • They, in turn, review all of the charts(now pictures) and data tables in Excel, and indicate which ones they'd like to ultimately use in their client presentations (via Powerpoint).
    • They utilize checkboxes (added via another script that I run on each Excel file) to indicate which pictures to use.
    • Based on those selections, I then copy/paste each selection over to the PPT presentation.

    Since these presentations can average around 40-50 slides, you can imagine how tedious it is to do all of the copy/pasting manually.
    I plan to post this request in a few other forums, as well. I'll be sure to report back if I receive assistance outside of this forum.

    I'm attaching pictures of both the pictures/data in Excel and a sample of the what the finished product should look like in PPT.

    check boxes in cpat.jpg
    ES sample.JPG

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    It's a waste of your time to run around all sheets and check Checkboxes. It's better to do it in one place, in UserForm.
    I do not undertake to lay images in the PP, because I do not know about this.


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