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Thread: MonthView DatePicker default to current date

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    MonthView DatePicker default to current date

    Hello gods of Excel Universe!

    I have been trying now for a month figuring this out but to no avail. Also i have searched the forums and found none related to my issue.

    Basically in my userform,i just want my MonthView date picker to default to the current month/date, although i have the "Today" date displayed at the bottom of the monthview calendar, the actual month view is from the past and i'd really want the current one to show.

    Apparently you cannot delete the date in "Value" property. It would not accept number zero as well or any word that i have tried my luck such as "Today" or "Now". Help please!

    Thanks for your time!

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    Sep 2004
    Kindly post what you have tried. The workbook is preferable if it does not contain sensitive data.
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