I have data in excel sheet. Lets say 3 columns. The data is 60% same in all 3 columns but with different name. I want to map data using drag/drop/connections (something like we do when we create ERD's) and i want the tool to present me the mapped data.

Refer attached figure. Looking forward for any tools/software which can do this for me.

I/P Data -
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Item A Item X Item 55_1
Item B Item A_1 Item A_2
Item C Item Z Item zz
Item D Item E_1 Item vvv
Item E Item 55 Item E_2
Item F
Item G
Output Data -

Item A Item A_1 Item A_2
Item E Item E_1 Item E_2
NA Item 55 Item 55_1

Drag and Drop.jpg