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    Word Form Questions

    I have a lot of VBA experience, but not much with Word. I'm hoping some of you can answer my questions. I'm trying to build an attractive form in Word that can be emailed to customers. Currently my client is using Excel, but they want something prettier.

    The customers would select a product from a dropdown list of 40 products (with descriptions of up to 140 characters). They fill in two number fields, and a cost is calculated automatically.

    I've tried using a content dropdown list without VBA, but there seems to be a restriction to 25 items on the list and maybe 75 characters? Would ActiveX controls give me more flexibility?

    Finally, this form may be emailed to customers. If it is a macro-enabled file, the customer's email may reject it. I'm wondering if it is possible to program a template and have the .docx based on the .dotm work without having to be macro-enabled? Probably not?

    Thanks for your help!

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