I have been assigned in my job to create macro, and the problem is that i have no clue how to make it as i`m not familliar with office/vba at all. I would really appreciate any help here .

My task is to create toolbar with programed buttons in outlook to track time spend in work and on assigned tasks. For example:

My team have constant tasks and my boss want to know how much time we spend on specific task:


Task A, B, C

I start task A - counting time
Then i switch to task B - stop timer on task A and starting to count on task B
Eployee should be able to switch tasks everytime, which means i have sum time spend on specific tasks after day.

8h in job - 3h on A, 2h on B, 3h on C ( example result on end of the day )
After clicking button OUT - it should sum time spend on the tasks and then save it to excel file.

Please help me, my job is not realated to the project however i have been assigned to make it ( yea, being amateur webdeveloper in your free time, means that you have to know how to make it... )