I have a complex VA Macro and seem to get issue on SelectTaskField Row. My code is as under

If (ActiveProject.Tasks.Count > 0) Then
TaskCountBeforeInsertingProject = (ActiveProject.Tasks.Count)
SelectTaskField Row:=TaskCountBeforeInsertingProject + 1, Column:="Name", RowRelative:=False
End If

ConsolidateProjects Filenames:=PrjTemplateFolderName & Prj_ParentTemplate_Name, NewWindow:=False, AttachToSources:=False, HideSubtasks:=False, Password:="" ' "NNN", NewWindow:=False, AttachToSources:=False, HideSubtasks:=False

At the stop point, my cursor leaves few blank rows. So the next statement inserts tasks from template after blank rows.

Please help