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Thread: Elimination of Manual work in PowerPoint 2010 in Windows 7

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    Jul 2019

    Elimination of Manual work in PowerPoint 2010 in Windows 7


    I inserting bulk images in to PPT 1 image per 1 slide. And doing the following manual work.

    (1) Resizing the image in every slide manually,
    (2) If the image is crossing the footer page number then `Send to back'.

    Is there any automatic options like

    (1) Automatic resizing of images in ppt after insertion,
    (2) Select all images then rightclick send to back.

    thanks in adavance


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    Dec 2018
    Hi Sekar

    Have you tried INSERT > NEW PHOTO ALBUM?

    You don't need to open a file, just do the above, and select your images. There's several options including fit to slides. PowerPoint then creates a new file with each image per slide.

    If images are different sizes, you may need to crop / fit manually - or use free software online to Resize Images before making the photo album.

    Hope that helps if there's no VBA.


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    If you have images of different sizes inserted in the slide and you don't want them to be the same size, but you want to resize them all at once, select them by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each image in turn. Once selected, grab a corner and drag the images. While I realize that there are always faster ways to do certain tasks, I want to show you other ways to do them. You might need windows 10 enterprise activation for this. While you may just have to paste the image and resize it after it has been pasted, it's always good to know your options.

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