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Thread: Export list of markup as pdf

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    Aug 2019

    Export list of markup as pdf

    Dear friends and vba fans,

    At work, we often compare two documents and print the result of the comparison as a "list of markup" via a pdf printer. Please find below screen:


    In VBA world it means calling Document.PrintOut method with arguments Range:=0/wdPrintAllDocument and Item:=2/wdPrintComments.

    I would like to write this process in VBA. Comparing is not a problem, but I can't move further in getting the required PDF file with list of markup from the comparison result.

    I assume that the path with using .PrintOut will not be appropriate, because it assumes that the user has installed some PDF printer (and probably has it as the default printer) + saving the printed file through such printer goes beyond the VBA framework for Word. Therefore I think the solution must go through that the view of document is changed to list of markup and then such view is exported as a pdf via the Document.ExportAsFixedFormat method or similar.

    Have you encountered such situation and would you kindly propose me some schema of solution? It does not have to be complete code, I am medium oriented in VBA. Thank you.

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