I'm using Windows 10 and Office 365. The paper size is LETTER.
I have created a procedure whereby a user can identify where they want to put a landscape page, they place the cursor and "press the button".

This goes ahead and does all the necessary business and finally creates the new landscape page with the cursor waiting for something to be written within it.

However, there is an "ah, yes, but..." when every so often, and without any reason for it, the single row tables within each of the headers or footers might not stretch themselves across the new width of the page. It's always one or the other of the tables.

I cannot identify in the code where this is happening; and if it did then how to repair it. Lines 900 to 907 should stretch the two tables but obviously, sometimes they don't want to play.

Here is my code:
770       curRge.Select          'sets up the new landscape page
780       With Selection.PageSetup
790           .Orientation = wdOrientLandscape
800           .TopMargin = CentimetersToPoints(2.2)
810           .BottomMargin = CentimetersToPoints(2.3)
820           .LeftMargin = oLeftMargin
830           .RightMargin = oRightMargin
840           .HeaderDistance = CentimetersToPoints(1.7)
850           .FooterDistance = CentimetersToPoints(0.8)
860           .SectionStart = wdSectionNewPage
870           .OddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooter = False
880           .DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter = False
890       End With
          'changes the widths of the tables in the header and footer
900       With Selection
910           .Sections(1).Headers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Tables(1).AutoFitBehavior (wdAutoFitWindow)
920           .Sections(1).Headers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Tables(1).Columns.DistributeWidth
930           ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekCurrentPageFooter
940           .Sections(1).Footers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Tables(1).AutoFitBehavior (wdAutoFitWindow)
950           .Sections(1).Footers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Tables(1).Rows.VerticalPosition = CentimetersToPoints(19.7)
960           .Sections(1).Footers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).Range.Tables(1).Rows.RelativeVerticalPosition = wdRelativeVerticalPositionPage
970       End With
980       With Selection.HeaderFooter.PageNumbers
990           .RestartNumberingAtSection = False
1000      End With
1010      With ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View
1020          .NextHeaderFooter
1030      End With
1040      With Selection.HeaderFooter.PageNumbers
1050          .RestartNumberingAtSection = False
1060      End With
1070      ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekMainDocument
          'goes back to the new landscape page
1080      curRge.Select
1090      With Selection
1100          .TypeParagraph
1110          .TypeParagraph
1120      End With
          'makes sure all headers and footers are unlinked
1130      With Selection.Sections(1)
1140          For Each pHeaderFooter In .Footers
1150              pHeaderFooter.LinkToPrevious = False
1160          Next
1170          For Each pHeaderFooter In .Headers
1180              pHeaderFooter.LinkToPrevious = False
1190          Next
1200      End With
Can anyone point out to me, please, where the existing code can be modified so that it always obeys the instruction for the tables in the relevant header or footer to stretch across the page?