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Thread: Add In Preferences

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    Jul 2019

    Add In Preferences

    I am currently using the add in Scan-IT to Office. I have 2 different computers, both on windows 10 and both with the exact same version of excel (16.0.4849.1000). Both are 64 bit OS. It's the same version of the app as well. The add in gives me different advanced options on each computer. Each computer acts differently with my power query and VBA code as well. Is there settings within excel or the computer itself that I could check to verify everything is the same?

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    Sounds weird

    a stab in the dark here, but are both versions of windows the same flavour?
    I'd uninstall Scan-It from both, run a registry cleaning app to delete any residue, get one install file for scan-it, and load it onto both 'puters - ensuring that the install options are the same.

    re the config settings, this should be found in the windows registry. look for Regedit.exe to get a look at this - but be sure to backup the reg file first, as a mistake here can royally screw (an Aussie technical term) up your computer.
    you may find something with a browse and search approach - but this will be hit and miss. do the complete uninstall, run a reg cleaning app (clean old settings out of the registry) then either run a program that monitors changes made by installed programs (sometimes used for defeating shareware timeouts etc), or take before and after versions of the registry, and run a text compare analysis (am fairly sure the reg file is a straight ascii text file).

    if this doesn't work, I'd reckon an email to the Scan It support line would be in order

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