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Thread: How to lock Track Changes for multiple documents in one go (macro?)

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    How to lock Track Changes for multiple documents in one go (macro?)

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here, thanks in advance for your help!
    I have 100+ Word files for which I need to lock Track Changes.
    If I need to do this for one single file, I go to Review / Track Changes / Lock Tracking / and I insert a password twice.
    But doing this for 100+ documents is quite time consuming.
    Would there be a solution to do this in one go for multiple Word files? A macro for instance?
    Many thanks!

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    Use the following as a user defined process

    Function LockTracking(oDoc As Document) As Boolean    On Error GoTo err_Handler
        oDoc.Protect Password:="password", _
                     NoReset:=False, _
                     Type:=wdAllowOnlyRevisions, _
                     UseIRM:=False, _
        LockTracking = True
        Exit Function
        LockTracking = False
        Resume lbl_Exit
    End Function
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    Thank you so much! I will look into this solution. I will let you know if I still have questions.

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