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Thread: Download File in Hyperlink placed in Body Email and save to Spesific folder

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    Sep 2019

    Download File in Hyperlink placed in Body Email and save to Spesific folder

    Hi Guys,

    I am very new to VBA and still learning by browsing, please kindly help on this

    Everyday I received an email which has hyperlink in it. The hyperlink is quite long so that it makes multiple line in the body email

    Instead of clicking on it and download the file everyday, I intend to create a vba put in outlook which can detect this email by the subject, click on that hyperlink in the email body, download the file and put it in specific folder

    I have tried so many vba code by browsing, but no one can work properly, that's why I not able to shared my code here

    I attach the email screenshot

    Thanks a lot
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    For someone new to VBA, you picked a difficult area of coding to start with, and you have made it almost impossible for anyone to help by not posting a working link. I can however understand why that might not be advisable in a public forum.

    What EXACTLY happens when you click that link?
    What is the filename of the report? Is it the same filename each time?

    If clicking the link downloads the named file without further user involvement, it should be possible to achieve this easily enough. If not, it may not be so simple.
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