Hi, is it possible to use a range of color, e.g. from RGB(240,240.240) to RGB(255, 255, 255). and how do this?
Thanks in advanced
Dim hPar As Paragraph
Dim hRng As Range
    For Each hPar In ActiveDocument.Range.Paragraphs
        Set hRng = hPar.Range
        hRng.End = hRng.End - 1
        If Len(hRng) > 1 _
        And hRng.Font.Color = RGB(255, 255, 255) = True Then ' hRng.Font.Color should be in range
            hRng.InsertAfter "</Subtitle><Body><![CDATA[<br />]]></Body>"
            hRng.InsertBefore "<Subtitle originalStyle=""oglo_tyt"">"
        End If
    Next hPar
    Set hPar = Nothing
    Set hRng = Nothing