One table in Excel (let's call it Table A) lists of the largest 200 US cities. In another table (let's call it Table B), I have data of thousands of US cities and most cities are mentioned multiple times, and in some cases close to 30 times. Both tables, the city name is in a column. Table A has US city names in column B and Table B as US city names in column E. I would like to create a condensed table which takes Table B as a starting point and includes only the top 200 US cities and omits everything else. For added clarity, let's take NYC for an example. There are about 25 rows that mention NYC. I would like this query to see NYC in Table A and know that it should search the entire Table B and pull every row that includes NYC in the condensed table. It doesn't matter of this condensed table is in a new tab or not.

Do I need VBA to accomplish this?