I need a macro file with the macro button where it should work as below.

- When I click on the macro button, pop up should open to select the report from my local drive(the report will be in .xls or .xlsx or .csv format)
- Once I selected the report it should ask for the column name to input.
- Once I input the column name, the data needs to split in to multiple work books based on the unique cell valued on the selected column.
- the splitted work book should be named as "cell value - macro work book name"
- before saving the file the comma "," should be replaced with semicolon";" in any of the cell on the given workbook.

-----for example: macro work book name is "Test macro book" and I do have the cell value like "standard 1", "standard 2", "standard 3". so when I split the data to multiple workbooks it should name as below.

standard 1 - Test macro book
standard 2 - Test macro book
standard 3 - Test macro book.

I don't know much about macros but I have tried searching VBA codes in Google but it is not working as per my requirements. Kindly check assist.

Please let me know if you need further details.