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Thread: Resize and crop selected pictures to certain width/height

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    Resize and crop selected pictures to certain width/height

    Hi VBA Express,

    I work a lot in powerpoint where I have to use pictures of people. Everything needs to be exactly the same size, as our "end product" is the slide show. Now, I've run into this issue a million times where the pictures I find of people are natively different in terms of size (height/width), which is something I have to manually adjust by clicking "Format" --> "Crop" and then dragging the mouse of either the height and width adjustments, to perfectly match the pictures.

    What's annoying about this procedure is, that things needs to be the same size down to the milimeter, which I have to drag the mouse for to match... and this can be annoying since the mouse can be pretty imprecise. I figured there must be a way to create a macro that resizes pictures to some size and then crops them to the same height/width.. without ruining the scaling of the pictures!

    Is this completely impossible, or will I run into an issue?

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    It is possible but it is surprisingly difficult to code (I know I coded it). We have a (not free) AddIn for recent PC based versions that can do this and even store your preferred size but we do not share the code.

    I'm not keen on using the forum for selling but unless you are a very good coder (or someone here who is helps) then you are likely to have problems.
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