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Thread: Word. Insert Image. Resize. Place properly.

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    Word. Insert Image. Resize. Place properly.

    I have no experience with VBA but am in need of a fairly simple (I think?) macro to:

    1. Place cursor on line.
    2. Insert photo from pre-determined filepath.
    3. Re-size photo to 2.5" wide (maintain Aspect ratio).
    4. Format text-wrapping as "Square".
    5. Align photo at right margin (without re-formatting text).
    6. Close down and return me to working in the document.

    I've searched for quite a while and although there are numerous photo insertion solutions out there, none of them do exactly what I need. I'm sure that tweaking some of the existing solutions would work but since I don't know code I wouldn't know what to change!

    Thank you so much in advance for any solution that can be offered.

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    Maybe something like

    Sub Macro1()Dim strImage As String
    Dim oILShape As InlineShape
    Dim oShape As Shape
    Dim lngMargin As Long
        lngMargin = Selection.Sections(1).PageSetup.RightMargin
        strImage = BrowseForFile("Select the image to insert")
        Set oILShape = Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture(strImage)
        Set oShape = oILShape.ConvertToShape
        With oShape
            .LockAspectRatio = msoTrue
            .Width = 180
            .WrapFormat.Type = wdWrapSquare
            .RelativeHorizontalPosition = wdRelativeHorizontalPositionRightMarginArea
            .LeftRelative = -(.Width + lngMargin - 10)
        End With
    End Sub
    Private Function BrowseForFile(Optional strTitle As String) As String
    'Graham Mayor
    Dim fDialog As FileDialog
        On Error GoTo Err_Handler
        Set fDialog = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)
        With fDialog
            .TITLE = strTitle
            .AllowMultiSelect = False
            .Filters.Add "Image files", "*.png,*.jpg,*.bmp,*.gif,*.tif"
            .InitialView = msoFileDialogViewThumbnail
            If .Show <> -1 Then GoTo Err_Handler:
            BrowseForFile = fDialog.SelectedItems.Item(1)
        End With
        Exit Function
        BrowseForFile = vbNullString
        Resume lbl_Exit
    End Function
    Graham Mayor - MS MVP (Word) 2002-2019
    Visit my web site for more programming tips and ready made processes

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    Thank you Graham!

    I feel like such a doofus as I can't even copy and paste that correctly into the template.

    I keep getting a "Can't execute code in break mode" message.

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    Got it to run.

    The picture inserts but at full size, not resized.

    Then it brings up the File Explorer window again so I can select another picture. I would just like to shut down so I can continue to work on the document.

    I understand I'm asking for free coding here so I understand if this is all that can be offered.

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    I suspect there is a problem with how you have added (or are running) the macro. Apart from the fact the messaging system here has lost a line break in the line

    Sub Macro1()Dim strImage As String
    which should be
    Sub Macro1()
    Dim strImage As String
    The code does what you asked and should only prompt once for the image.
    Graham Mayor - MS MVP (Word) 2002-2019
    Visit my web site for more programming tips and ready made processes

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