Good Afternoon All,

First, let me start by clarifying, I have no code to go off of. I actually donít know how to perform this task & I would reference the outdated application I am trying to recreate, but it is so old & outdated it barely opens in excel without crashing now.

That being said, the old application used to take the data received in a user form & export into a DOCX report. This report would use the labels on the form as titles & would break up the analysis based on output values. The analysis varied in the number of items analyzed & each would be subject to the same labels over & over.

I am looking to recreate that process, but I am avoiding using user forms for the purpose of potentially longer life of the application without constant maintenance. Answers & values are produced on a worksheet, with scoring, values, & charting behind the scenes in hidden sheets. There is a dashboard for inputs about the user and their respective agency on another worksheet, the table (with drop downs) to choose the hazards and assess them, a worksheet with a ranking table, and then a chart. There will be more tables (as discussed below) that will be produced for end-user informational purposes. This product is a risk assessment & breaks the hazards, based on their scores, into High, Moderately High, Moderately Low, & Low. It also produces charts & tables with various ranking information, warning time information, & more. If need be I can produce an example report to upload to show the end result, however, because of the sensitivity of my work I cannot upload the workbook.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!