I'm new to this forum. I hope you can help me out with a problem.

Since I'm on the latest Office 365 on Win10 at work, I'm having issues(and all my collagues too) when searching emails.

We receive from our supplier a list in table form with data we need to process; The ID reference in this email cannot be found by the search function.
In the table below, the data in blue is searchable, while the data in black in unsearchable(even parts of it). and the data in black is our single source of true reference.

But, when forwarding the email to myself, everything is perfectly searchable.
So I went further, and editing the message, adding a space and saving makes all the data searchable too!

What I want to do is to run a macro that will be run on demand with a button on a selected folder and edit each and every message and add a space somewhere.
I know this is the only solution(as a workaround) but I am not a coder and tried to find something on google to no avail....

Can anyone help me out?

5207620 10013230
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