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Thread: Link items on report to actual record(s)

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    Link items on report to actual record(s)


    I have only started using Access this year and set up a couple of databases for work. I have a report within one of them that shows open items and a colleague has asked if it is possible to create links on the report to open the relevant record. Can any one advise if this is possible and if so where I need to be looking to set it up. I have created several test reports to plays around and looked at setting but cannot see if this is possible.

    I can get the records form to open when i click the report but it opens at the first record irrespective of whether it is open or not. I tried changing the line to, DoCmd.OpenForm "Incidents", , , "ID = " & Me!ID thinking the ID would be picked up and the relevant record would open but i just get error message.

    The report form is called incidents, the report has an ID field called ID so if the user clicks on an incident in the report with ID 14 then it is record 14 i would like to open for them?

    Thank you

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