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Thread: Repor all records from subform

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    Sep 2019

    Repor all records from subform

    Good Morning;

    I have a problem associated with a multi instance report associated with a form subform.

    It works perfectly for me, but it only shows me the first record of the subform where there are more than one register.

    I imagine is the focused register.

    The subform is in continuous mode.

    The code is:

    Private Sub FichaTecnicaParte_Click()

    Dim rptFicha As Report

    Static intCtr As Integer

    intCtr = intCtr + 1

    Set rptFicha = New Report_Ficha_Tecnica_General

    With rptFicha
    .Visible = True
    '.Caption = frmCalReb.Hwnd & ", opened " & Now() '"L1 Rebob." '
    .Filter = "[Artículo] = '" & Me!FABRICACION!Artículo & "'"
    .FilterOn = True
    .Move 0, intCtr * 500
    End With
    'Append it to our collection.
    clnClient.Add Item:=rptFicha, key:=CStr(rptFicha.Hwnd)
    Set rptFicha = Nothing

    End Sub

    Can someone help me show all the records in the report?

    Thank you.


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    Mar 2005
    You appear to be setting the Report filter to the Subform's "Articulo" rather than the Mainform's Articulo, which should be the Form's Master link in the Master/Child link.

    I do not set report filters I use queries to set the report's recordset, as that is what they are for.

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