When I run this macro below in outlook, it export the attachments from the emails, but it misses some attachments, it is not consistent. It will get the majority but is skipping some attachments randomly. Can someone help me figure out why?

Sub SaveAttach_OnlyXLS() 'As Long
    Dim objFSO              As Object       ' Computer's file system object.
    Dim objShell            As Object       ' Windows Shell application object.
    Dim objFolder           As Object       ' The selected folder object from Browse for Folder dialog box.
    Dim objItem             As Object       ' A specific member of a Collection object either by position or by key.
    Dim selItems            As Selection    ' A collection of Outlook item objects in a folder.
    Dim atmt                As Attachment   ' A document or link to a document contained in an Outlook item.
    Dim strAtmtPath         As String       ' The full saving path of the attachment.
    Dim strAtmtFullName     As String       ' The full name of an attachment.
    Dim strAtmtName(1)      As String       ' strAtmtName(0): to save the name; strAtmtName(1): to save the file extension. They are separated by dot of an attachment file name.
    Dim strAtmtNameTemp     As String       ' To save a temporary attachment file name.
    Dim intDotPosition      As Integer      ' The dot position in an attachment name.
    Dim atmts               As Attachments  ' A set of Attachment objects that represent the attachments in an Outlook item.
    Dim lCountEachItem      As Long         ' The number of attachments in each Outlook item.
    Dim lCountAllItems      As Long         ' The number of attachments in all Outlook items.
    Dim strFolderPath       As String       ' The selected folder path.
    Dim blnIsEnd            As Boolean      ' End all code execution.
    Dim blnIsSave           As Boolean      ' Consider if it is need to save.
    Dim myExt               As String
    blnIsEnd = False
    blnIsSave = False
    lCountAllItems = 0
    xlsCount = 0
    On Error Resume Next
    strFolderPath = "U:\Larryj\EmailExcelTest2\"
    Set selItems = ActiveExplorer.Selection
    SelCount = selItems.Count
    If Err.Number = 0 Then
        ' Get the handle of Outlook window.
        lHwnd = FindWindow(olAppCLSN, vbNullString)
        If lHwnd <> 0 Then
            ' /* Create a Shell application object to pop-up BrowseForFolder dialog box. */
'            Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
'            Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'            Set objFolder = objShell.BrowseForFolder(lHwnd, "Select folder to save attachments:", _
'                                                     BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS + BIF_DONTGOBELOWDOMAIN, CSIDL_DESKTOP)

            ' /* Failed to create the Shell application. */
            If Err.Number <> 0 Then
                MsgBox "Run-time error '" & CStr(Err.Number) & " (0x" & CStr(Hex(Err.Number)) & ")':" & vbNewLine & _
                       Err.Description & ".", vbCritical, "Error from Attachment Saver"
                blnIsEnd = True
                GoTo PROC_EXIT
            End If
            If strFolderPath = "" Then
            'If objFolder Is Nothing Then
                strFolderPath = ""
                blnIsEnd = True
                GoTo PROC_EXIT
'                strFolderPath = CGPath(objFolder.Self.Path)
                ' /* Go through each item in the selection. */
                For Each objItem In selItems
                    lCountEachItem = objItem.Attachments.Count
                    ' /* If the current item contains attachments. */
                    If lCountEachItem > 0 Then
                        Set atmts = objItem.Attachments
                        ' /* Go through each attachment in the current item. */
                        For Each atmt In atmts
                            ' Get the full name of the current attachment.
                            strAtmtFullName = atmt.FileName
                            myExt = Mid(strAtmtFullName, InStrRev(strAtmtFullName, ".") + 1)
                            'Only save files with named extensions
                            Select Case myExt
                                Case "xls", "xlsm", "xlsx", "xlsb"
                                    strFile = strFolderPath & objItem.EntryID & "__" & strAtmtFullName
                                    atmt.SaveAsFile strFile
                                    xlsCount = xlsCount + 1
                                Case Else
                                    'do nothing
                            End Select

                    End If
                    ' Count the number of attachments in all Outlook items.
                    lCountAllItems = lCountAllItems + lCountEachItem
            End If
            MsgBox "Failed to get the handle of Outlook window!", vbCritical, "Error from Attachment Saver"
            blnIsEnd = True
            GoTo PROC_EXIT
        End If
    ' /* For run-time error:
    '    The Explorer has been closed and cannot be used for further operations.
    '    Review your code and restart Outlook. */
        MsgBox "Please select an Outlook item at least.", vbExclamation, "Message from Attachment Saver"
        blnIsEnd = True
    End If
    'SaveAttach_OnlyXLS = lCountAllItems
    MsgBox "Processed: " & Trim(Str(SelCount)) & " Selected Email Msg's" & vbCrLf & _
            "Total # of Attachments: " & Trim(Str(lCountAllItems)) & vbCrLf & _
            "Extracted: " & Trim(Str(xlsCount)) & " Excel Attachments"
    ' /* Release memory. */
    If Not (objFSO Is Nothing) Then Set objFSO = Nothing
    If Not (objItem Is Nothing) Then Set objItem = Nothing
    If Not (selItems Is Nothing) Then Set selItems = Nothing
    If Not (atmt Is Nothing) Then Set atmt = Nothing
    If Not (atmts Is Nothing) Then Set atmts = Nothing
    ' /* End all code execution if the value of blnIsEnd is True. */
    If blnIsEnd Then End
End Sub