Hi folks, I've tried a lot to include a hyperlink in my bookmark value text.

I guess this is really simple, but I'm afraid I have no idea where to start. This is the code I am using:

Private Sub Age1_Change()
If Age1.Value = "2 to 3.5" Then
ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("expect").Range.Text = "Lots of text, the CLICK HERE https://www.rugbytots.co.uk/toddler-classes"
ElseIf Age1.Value = "3.5 to 5" Then
ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("expect").Range.Text = "Lots of different text, then CLICK HERE https://www.rugbytots.co.uk/activities-three-half-to-five-years."
ElseIf Age1.Value = "5 to 7" Then
ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("expect").Range.Text = "final set of text, and CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/fknJ5hExZk0"
End If
End Sub

Can anyone offer a quick fix to turn the CLICK HERE into a hyperlink to the address please?