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Thread: How to adjust line spacing of a table pasted into Word from Excel

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    Question How to adjust line spacing of a table pasted into Word from Excel

    Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me with formatting of a table that I just pasted into a word doc from excel, specifically the line spacing given excel cells don't offer spacing the text at 1.5x or 2x like word does. Without posting all the code, I have this simple section which selects the table in Excel and pastes it into Word based on the bookmark set. I then would like to somehow select that table after said pasting and change the line spacing of the text:

    wd.Bookmarks("Table3").Range.PasteExcelTable False, False, True

    The above successfully pastes the table, just not sure how to then adjust the line spacing. Any help is much appreciated!!

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    Thanks for advice. We are using Excel for salesforce reports and sometimes we need to combine different docs including Word with Excel. Adn I was looking for solving the same issue.

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