Hi Gurus,
I have a VBA code taken from
The code works very fine to get the data from sqlserver database (single table data) to Access database.
Can it be done on multiple tables I mean to fetch the multiples table data of sqlserver to multiple tables of access database?

HTML Code:
' we will need to create this table using DAO

Dim tdf As DAO.TableDef

' Some variable to make the code more generic

Dim strConnectionString As String

Dim strNameInAccess As String

Dim strNameInSQLServer As String

Dim strKey As String

' set the connection string

strConnectionString = "ODBC;DRIVER=SQL Server; " & _


' specify the tables you want to link. The table can be

' known by a different name in Access than the name in SQL server

strNameInAccess = "tblYacht"

strNameInSQLServer = "tblSailingBoat"

' specify the key field

strKey = "SailingBoatID"

' Delete the table from the local database if it exists

On Error Resume Next

DoCmd.RunSQL "drop table " & strNameInAccess

On Error GoTo 0

' Create a table using DAO give it a name in Access.

' Connect it to the SQL Server database.

' Say which table it links to in SQL Server.

Set tdf = CurrentDb.CreateTableDef(strNameInAccess)

tdf.Connect = strConnectionString

tdf.SourceTableName = strNameInSQLServer

' Add this table Definition to the collection

' of Access tables

CurrentDb.TableDefs.Append tdf

' Now create a unique key for this table by

' running this SQL

On Error Resume Next


& strNameInAccess & " (" & strKey & ")"

On Error GoTo 0