I have been using Dropbox for years with several clubs in our retirement community. One of the clubs just bought another laptop computer and gave it to me to setup as usual. When installing Dropbox, I came up with a couple of major issues from their "updates".

Here is what I have for one of the clubs: (Lapidary). For the club, I have the following directory structure:


C:\Lapidary\Program_Files\.....downloaded copies from program macros and the programs are actually run from this directory which eliminates a lot of conflicted files and data issues.

Dropbox is now automatically placing the default directory as "C:\Lapidary\GVR_Lap_Club Dropbox\GVR Lapidary"

Here is my problem(s):

I have over 12 computers using the same dropbox location with program links to files, reports and data accessed by MSAccess Links such as those used to import/export external data. Audio files and pictures are accessed via Links built into the VBA such as C:\LAPIDARY\Dropbox\imates\ <image file>

Any idea how to get around the new Dropbox default structure requirements?