hi, i want to sort email in outlook by date.
I get a macro, and a lot of post about it.

But it sort a list, an object not the display.

If i use the macro i can know wich email is he newer and use it.. but its not what i want.

i explain, a 85y old friend use her computer for email and facebook. and once a week she call me than her email isnt correct.
when i get there, its only the sort, she hit the column name and short it by mistake..

I tryed and tryed to explain her how to sort it back but still dont work..
so i wanted a macro to do it.
i tryed registry, i tryed appdata and ost file of outlook nothing work.

i dont know where the sort settings are in windows, so i could make a script that set it correctly evrytimes she start outlook.

i could install another email app if needed..