I bought a new printer (epson wf-7720). When connected using the epson installation utility the printer installs as a network wsd device. For some reason my access wia scanner vba code cannot scan and throws up a undefined error. If I reconnect the printer using usb it works fine for scanning. I think the issue may be it connecting as a WSD device.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to fix this?

Another query is even though usb wia scanning works, I can't seem to query the status of the ADF (prop 3087). I just gives the same number regardless of paper being loaded or not. I can force its use (prop 3088 set to 1) and if I do and no paper is loaded it errors. I had this issue with my previous brother unit and don't think I could even force its use with this. My ancient HP all-in-one was fine and it with this that I wrote the code so it would only use ADF if paper was loaded otherwise it would use flatbed. I was hoping the epson would work.