So I have a folder "Alert" in my Outlook application. It contains messages from zabbix, host monitoring software. The letters are being sorted and put there locally on my machine, by a simple rule that I'd previously set up in Outlook.

The letters would have one of the following titles:

PROBLEM: Average: Get Status RUNNING Failed on
OK: Average: Get Status RUNNING Failed on
As we can see, the only difference is it being OK or PROBLEM, the PROBLEM one always comes first. The anticipated scenario: after recieving the PROBLEM letter, unless the corresponding OK has been recieved within 30 minutes, I want to redirect PROBLEM letter to a certain mailbox.

Can this be realized using the inbuilt VBA scripring tools in Outlook? Will such a script have detrimental effect on clients performance? I want to clarify that there will be more than one host ("") for which the letters arrive, and i heard there is no concurrency in VBA, does that mean that while waiting for 1 letter to arrive, the script wouldn't be able to monitor the folder in the meantime and will miss letters? Is folder monitoring like this even feasible?
Thank you.