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Thread: Name slides in PPT with VBA, or have an index?

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    Name slides in PPT with VBA, or have an index?


    I am working with an excel document with about 100 marlett checkboxes, aka 100 topics. The back end of this process works with Word macros to deliver a write up to a customer based on the topics they select.

    I would also like on the front end to develop a macro in excel, to work with a PPT library. See image below:


    In this example I have a PPT with slides already created that correspond to the 10 options. I want to do one of two things:

    1. Copy that master slide deck, and erase the slides not selected.
    2. Open the master slide deck, copy the two options (Similar Web and Uber Suggest) into a new PPT presentation.

    I know I can reference slide locations using integers, but can I somehow name slides? This becomes quite an administrative task once you talk about 100 different options.

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    There's a reply in the other post
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