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    - Office 365 - ListBox MultiPage

    Good morning all,
    Again I need your help
    In my file, there is a UserForm MultiPage
    On the first page there is a selection of sheets that I have indicated in with this code:

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize ()
    Dim S As Worksheet
    sh = Array ("Index", "Parameters", "Feuil4", "Feuil5", "Feuil6")
    ListBox1.MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectExtended
    For Each S In Worksheets
    t = Application.Match (S.Name, sh, 0)
    If IsError (t) Then
    ListBox1.AddItem S.Name
    End If
    TextBox1 = 0
    End Sub

    I would like to do the same for page 2
    But which will display on another sheet
    sh = Array ("Index", "Parameters", "Feuil1", "Feuil2", "Feuil3")
    I am a noob in VBA
    I am enclosing a file which will allow you to better understand.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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