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Thread: Handling Active Directory Searches and Special Characters

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    Mar 2020

    Handling Active Directory Searches and Special Characters

    I have a function I'm using to perform LDAP queries from Access. It works fine, but is running into a problem with a particular AD group's "description" attribute. Specifically, when I include "description" in my code, I get a "Type Mismatch" error. I tested everything and verified that the code itself is running fine. The guy that built the function told me there is probably a special character issue that Access is running into with that attribute.

    Can someone provide some insight in adjusting/accommodating for this type of issue so that I can include the AD group's "description" attribute?

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    Can you identify which file or files crash the code?
    As that may give you a clue.
    A type mismatch should not happen with a string, because it should accept any character, it usually only happens when a numeric or date value encounters a string character.

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