Please forgive my lack of knowledge about Outlook's functionality . . . our company currently uses Lotus Notes and we will soon be transitioning to Outlook 365. I have VBA experience so if Outlook events support my thinking below, I will tackle this project.

Can Outlook do this?

Would like to maintain a company-wide calendar of training classes. Would like to have a user be able to select a training class, and select something within the training class description or notes which would open an Outlook eMail pre-addressed TO: the training registrar and FROM: the eMail address of the user. Maybe even include the SUBJECT: identifying the training class selected. The user could complete the body of the eMail with whatever request they are making concerning the class.

Is there an Outlook event that is triggered when one opens a calendar item? More specifically, is there an Outlook event that can be triggered when the user selects something specific within the opened calendar item.

I am in the conceptualization phase of this, so would just like to find out if something like this possible in Outlook?

Thanks for any assistance.