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Thread: Content control with multiple selectable options from list

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    Lightbulb Content control with multiple selectable options from list

    Hi, I am looking to create a content control which is essentially a scrollable list. (Please suggest the most suitable solution)

    The user can select multiple options from this list by using Ctrl+Click, so multiple items will be selected

    I've seen this type of scrollable list before on the web, how do I create one of these in Microsoft Word?

    Preferably I would want this to be a Content Control because I am using a third party application to extract the data.


    Otherwise, please suggest an alternative Content Control where I can select multiple options from a list of 40+ standardized options

    This content control should be compact as possible to fit into a table cell (list should be scrollable instead of taking up most of the page)

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    There is no such thing as a multi-select CC. You can create a pseudo list using the techniques presented here:

    or use a VBA Userform. Either method will require a macro-enabled template or document.

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    Or you could use multiple content controls - see:
    Paul Edstein
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