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Thread: Search inbox for specific users, export subject date/time to excel report.

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    May 2020

    Search inbox for specific users, export subject date/time to excel report.

    So given the following users:
    Anita.Coffee AT somedomainDotnet
    Ivanna.Doughnut AT somedomainDotnet
    Gimme.A.Burger AT somedomainDotnet
    Crap.NowImFat AT somedomainDotnet
    (got an error posting so I changed the email addrs to text).

    Is it possible to search an inbox for email from the users and
    if found, export the email address and subject to an Excel report, if not found, export
    the email address and another string like "Not received"?
    I'd want to add this as a button in outlook to run the macro manually.
    I've added buttons for macros to Outlook before and even though
    I've lost all of my previous notes/references/macros I created a
    few years ago I asked Professor Google and have that process.
    Also would it be simpler to source an excel spreadsheet instead
    of listing users in a macro and have searches done based on entries
    in the spreadsheet so if users needed added or removed the spreadsheet
    can be updated?
    UPDATE: An alternative would be to process all emails in one inbox, exporting
    the sender and subject to an excel spreadsheet, then a 2nd excel macro to
    process the spreadsheet for a list of users and append an entry w. sender
    and 'NOT RECEIVED' if the user wasn't found in the spreadsheet.
    I'm going to start searching/experimenting with that as well. If I figure
    it out I'll post the code for review and close the string.
    This *seems* fairly simple but after finding out I wasted my weekend
    working on a different request that was changed, I spent most of
    yesterday and today searching the web (and of course this site).
    I found searches and exports but nothing that I feel competent enough
    at this point to try to tweak. I was supposed to start my training
    refresher on VB yesterday but that's delayed.
    Thanks in advance.
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    May 2020
    UPDATE: Even though I'm logged in I don't see a link in the thread tools to either edit or delete the post. I would still like to get a solution but it's not urgent at this point since , in the interests of expediency, I'm going a different route.

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