I am not the owner of this code and i don't do VBA coding.

This piece of code was published publicly and displays a live clock on the first slide of a powerpoint presentation in a shape in slideshow mode ONLY.

I would like help to modify this code (if it is possible) so that the macro can be run and the clock may be displayed on any slide number that i choose (by hyperlinking the shape to the macro)

Sub digitalClock()
Dim time as Date
Dim minutes as Integer

time = Now()
minutes = 60 ' the clock will be live for 60 minutes then stop. Change this number as desired.

time = DateAdd("n", minutes, time)

Do Until Now() = time
With ActivePresentation.slides(1).shapes(1).Textframe.TextRange
.Text = Format(Now(),"hh:mm:ss")
End With

End Sub

Thank you