Hi everyone!

I two ppt located in the same folder (C:\Users\Doe\OneDrive\Documents\Myppt), and the slides are "Masterp1" and "Workppt". I want slides 3, 5, 6, 9 copy to Masterp1. Slide 3 goes after 2 (on Masterp1), slide 5 after 7, slide 6 after 8, and slide 9 after 13 (on Masterp1).

* So clicking a button on Workppt moves those slides to Masterp1.

Also if it's possible to have automatically look for any date fields on the entire Masterp1 ppt and change those into the current date in this format DD MMM YYY.

I hope you guys can help out, the amount of copying and pasting and changing the date on the ppt (Masterp1), is insane!

Thank you all.