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Thread: Generate Condition CSV File

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    Generate Condition CSV File

    Good evening,
    I have a CSV file that is generated daily, I need a macro that when executed read this file and create a CSV copy only of the lines where column D is equal to USD and EUR.
    Thank you
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    VBAX Guru Kenneth Hobs's Avatar
    Nov 2005
    Tecumseh, OK
    That is not a CSV file. It is a semi-colon delimited text file.

    I suspect that you want the rows with either USD or EUR in the 4th column.

    It is not clear if you want the new "CSV" file to contain the title row or not. It is not clear if this new file should be a true CSV file or a semi-colon delimited text file. Is the 20200521.csv file open?

    Addressing the items above would govern the solution path.

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    Good afternoon,
    As requested, follows:
    - Yes, I need it to contain the titles;
    - It must be a true CSV;
    - The file 20200521.csv is not open.

    Thank you

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