I've successfully been using the following code to embed PDFs into a Word document.
' Embed File Inline
    Application.Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEObject _
        FileName:=FiletoInsert, _
        LinkToFile:=False, _
        DisplayAsIcon:=True, _
        IconLabel:=Right(FiletoInsert, Len(FiletoInsert) - InStrRev(FiletoInsert, "\")), _
        Range:=Application.Selection.Range.Next(Unit:=wdCell, Count:=1)
But when users without my systems chosen default PDF reader app try to open the file everything falls down, the file won't open.

Can I set a generic PDF class type that then uses the system default PDF reader?

I found a website (can't seem to link to it) that indicates that I may be able to embed as a package, but I can't work out or find how to do this programatically in VBA. (And I don't want to have to do this mandraulically every time)

Any help to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated!

I'm using Word from Office 365. (Version 1908)