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Thread: Does Excel 2007 SP3 work without issue on Windows 10?

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    Does Excel 2007 SP3 work without issue on Windows 10?

    The subject pretty much covers it! But, I have been using Excel 2007 for quite a while as you can imagine. What I am afraid of is going to Office 365 and I'll have to spend the rest of my life tweaking programs to work (if they do at all) in '365. I am trying desperately to save to replace my 10+ year old craptop...

    Is anyone using Excel 2007 SP3 on Windows 10? Any issues?

    Or, I guess another way to ask is, does anyone have VBA from 2007 and using it in 365? Any issues? Nightmare to use? Tons of tweaks necessary? I actually decided to humor myself and ask on a Microsoft chat the same question and they said absolutely no issues whatsoever. That leads me to believe there will be a MILLION issues.


    Thank you for any advice.


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    Sep 2016
    I run Excel 2007 SP3 on Win 10. Runs flawlessly, no issues except the "built in MS amenities" (* sarcasm *).

    Two months ago I tried going to Excel 2019. I personally experienced numerous issues, freezes, file corruption on previously created workbooks in Excel 2007.

    The biggest issue I experienced was having to tweak previously created workbooks in 2007. A line of code here ... a line of code there. Nothing specific or
    a repeating pattern (same commands, DIMs, etc) ... just the annoying "I don't like that line of code so I'll error it out and make you do some tweaking."

    I gave up. Went back to Excel 2007 and I'm staying here till Hell Freezes Over.

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    Thank you for that. That exactly answers my question, and because of that, I'll stay with 2007 until, like you, hell freezes over, thaws and freezes again.

    I just wish something could be done to record macros that deal with EVERYTHING that can be recorded. I thought of some kind of add-in, but I dont' think it's possible - of course, it's hard coded. I'm not smart enough to be able to figure out things like that. Thank you again!


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