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Thread: ShellAndWait and Shell commands are not working

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    Aug 2020

    ShellAndWait and Shell commands are not working

    Hi All,

    I’m currently running into a problem with running any Shell commands this includes Shell and ShellAndWait, it seems that this is only happening on my computer and it works as intended on my Colleagues computer. I’m not sure If it’s a windows issue or something. I hit the button In Access to run it, and the MsgBox immediately pops up saying everything is done, when in fact - nothing has happened. Please ifyou have any idea why this would be occurring on my machine, I would really Appreciate the input.
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    Normally when perfectly good code stops working you need to look at the latest MS Windows & Office upgrades.
    Can you check what your computer's latest download & install is compared to one that works?

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